On Thursday 14th June Eurogolf played their monthly medal off the plates. The course was in good condition after the recent hollow tining and the top 4 scores were 1st Jan Shorley with an impressive 66 2nd Mike Ivory 68 3rd Arty Crammon 70 c/b 4th Ann Rogers 70 Cat 1 1st Felix Mallon 71 2nd Malcolm Foskett 72 Cat 2 1st Bert Lawson 72 2nd Jeff Lynch 73 Cat 3 1st Clare Daye-Gretton 71 c/b 2nd John Hill 71 June Medal winner Jan Shorely. Best front 9 Robin Richards 33 Best back 9 Martin Rogers 36 NTP´s 5th Bert Lawson 11th Damien Levy 12th in 2 Bert Lawson 15th Steve Sayers 17th Arty Crammon Football draw results unavailable!


On Tuesday 12th June Toffs  played their usual stableford competition and the overall winners were 1st Bruce Gordon 38  2nd A. Cowley 3rd Morag Turner 37 c/b 4th Malcolm Foskett37 Cat 1 1st Jack Simpson 35 c/b 2nd Sue Gillett 35 Cat 2 1st Stan Low 37 c/b  2nd David Valentine 37 Cat 3 1st Phyllis Venables 36 c/b 2nd Mike Ivory 36  NTP´s 5th A. Cowley 11thJack Simpson 12th in 2 Pete Gartside 15th Pete Gartside 17th John Barraclough Best front 9 Monique Reeve 22  Best back 9 Bert Lawson 20 Football draw Jeff Lynch Felix Mallon David Valentine Dave Nicholls and Liz Roberts