According to the opposition Partido Popular over 21 million euros worth of services were provided by the Torrevieja government in 2017 without any formal contract.

The matter was raised in Thursday’s Plenary by the PP spokesman, Eduardo Dolón, who said that most of the expenditure corresponds to the payment of waste collection, road and beach cleaning, transfer and disposal of waste to the landfill.

The argument raised by the council is that it is an essential service in the daily operation of the town. The same applies to urban transport, also provided without a contract, at a cost of around 2.5 million euros per year, by the multinational subsidiary of Grupo Avanza, Costa Azul.

To the expenditure for those items without a contract, we must add the cleaning service for municipal buildings (1.8 million); the insurance policies for municipal employees (451,000 euros), mobile telephones, leasing of the C/Diego Ramírez library, the Sea and Salt Museum and the Municipal Archive; maintenance of public lighting (141,000 euros), and even the supply of stationery for the entire City Council.

The Popular Party group denounced this method of administration which they said is open to mismanagement and even possible fraud.