The Association of Parents of Pupils from the Playas de Orihuela School has presented the project “Aula Matinal” to Begoña Cuartero, Councillor of Education, in order to reconcile work and family life.

This project allows pupils to enter school from 7.30 until 9 a.m. with as breakfast option. “Students can develop different activities at the school and will always be supervised by qualified teachers or monitors whose purpose is to take care of children until the time of their entry to classes, “APA explains in their request.

The parents said that they have carried out market research and have met with several dining companies in order to price the service, ” which could range between 18 -20 euros per child per month.”

According to the APA, “they have received a multitude of requests so that this provision can be introduced for families who start work before 9am in the morning, which is the normal time that students currently begin their school day.”

The proposal, they add, is supported by a recent study on working hours in shops, banks, municipal buildings, care homes, pharmacies, hotels, coffee shops, workshops, warehouses, golf courses and many other employment organisations.

“In general there are many establishments where workers begin their day before 9 in the morning and many trained people cannot access these jobs because they do not have anywhere to leave their children”, they add.

They say that this service is already available in municipalities adjacent to Orihuela Costa and would benefit the educational and labour community allowing families the opportunity to expand their professional working hours”