The gambling industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. What is more, it keeps on attracting more and more people, thus becoming one of the fastest growing industries as well.  A great number of people all over the world enjoy playing some of the traditional casino games such as roulette, poker, slots etc, thus bringing high revenues to casino owners.

One thing we can say for sure is that nowadays gamblers are quite privileged due to the fact that they have the unique opportunity to place their bets in a great number of online casinos. By offering their services online, casinos have managed to become even more popular. What makes online casinos so attractive is the fact that  you do not need to go out in order to gamble and you can enjoy all the available games while you are at home. On the top of that you can play a number of variations of the roulette game as well as literally hundreds of slot machines.

Nevertheless, there is a great number of casinos all over the globe for those players who cannot resist the atmosphere in a land-based venue. Probably almost all of us have heard stories about people that have won a lot of money in casinos. Of course, the coin has two sides since there are plenty of stories about gamblers who have lost all their money in casinos too.

We can say that gamblers are dreaming to hit a jackpot that will change their life dramatically. Actually, it turns out that this is the reason why most of the players go to casinos. Nevertheless, this does not happen quite often to gamblers. Yet, players keep on going to casinos and betting, hoping that they will soon make a fortune.

In practice, almost everybody can become a potential winner. The only thing you need to do, of course, is to place your bets.  It is not necessary to be a seasoned and skilled gambler in order to win. There are people who have won a lottery jackpot or hit a slot machine jackpot, without being experienced players. What we should not forget is that it all boils down to luck.

Of course, experience and tactics can also be important and can influence your game but this refers only to some forms of gambling. Yet, there are many examples of people who have had a lucky day or who have been smart enough to win great amounts of money.

It turns out that gambling is attractive not only for people who want to become rich but it is attractive for rich people that are looking for a way to spend their money as well. What we can say for sure is that some celebrities are real gambling fans who can spend several million dollars for one night. It turns out that famous people are quite reckless and that they are ready to bet large amounts of money on their favorite

casino games. Here you can find some of the biggest wins and losses of famous celebrity gamblers.

Ben Affleck

Believe it or not, Ben Affleck is quite a passionate casino player. What is more, he has even won a poker championship in 2004 which brought him $350,000. Actually, the actor is fond of poker and blackjack. Yet, it is considered that his greatest loss was in 2001, when he lost $400,000, simply by betting on a hand in poker. In fact, Affleck is said to have spent a very long time in casinos.

One more rumor says that once he wagered $60,000 on blackjack, which eventually brought him $800,000. After this, he decided to reward all the casino employees with quite a generous tip. An interesting fact is that Affleck is banned from playing blackjack at Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas due to the fact that they noticed him while he was counting cards.

Charlie Sheen

Many people know Charlie Sheen as one of the most successful actors. What is more, he is  also mainly known as uncle Charlie from Two and a Half Men. He is one of those celebrities that have always managed to attract public attention. It turns out that  Charlie Sheen has a serious problem with gambling. It is considered that he spends $200,000 in casinos each week, in order to satisfy his gambling needs. He prefers poker and betting on sports. It is also considered that his biggest loss was $1 million.

Pamela Anderson

It turns out that Pamela Anderson is a passionate gambler too. Nevertheless, the biggest amount she has lost is $250,000 on poker in one night. Surprisingly or not, the famous actress spent the money in one of the numerous casinos in Vegas.

Tiger Woods

As we all know Tiger Woods is probably one of the most popular golf players. What is more, Woods is also commonly referred to as the best golf player as well. Yet, it turns out that as many other celebrities, he has a serious problem with gambling too. Woods is not only known for his successful golf career but for serious vices as well. It was found out that once he placed a bet of $25,000 in blackjack and eventually lost. What is more, Woods is also said to have a $1 million betting limit in a particular casino in Vegas.

Toby Maguire

Most people are familiar with Toby Maguire’s role as Peter Parker in Spiderman. Nevertheless, he is one of the celebrities that are attracted by gambling too. What is more, Maguire has even participated in professional poker tournaments. He is also considered to have won more than $10 million in poker.

Yet, he did not manage to avoid a lawsuit because of his participation in illegal poker games. He is said to regularly win more than $50, 000 in one night.

Jenifer Tilly

Jenifer Tilly is a famous actress and an Academy Award nominee who is known for her roles in various movies. An interesting fact is that the actress is also quite a successful poker player. She took part in the World Series of Poker in 2005, thus becoming a professional poker player. What is more, there she played against 600 other participants and managed to win almost $160,000. Jenifer Tilly has won a great number of tournaments which again proves how good a poker player she is.

Michael Jordon

As it turns out, the former basketball player is not one of the successful celebrity gamblers. Jordon is one of the best basketball players, yet it turns out that he needs to improve his gambling skills. Allegedly, Jordan has squandered great amounts of money by betting $100,000 or even $250,000 not once or twice. His biggest loss, however, amounts to $5 million from a single bet. What is more, Jordon himself declared that he spends more than $1.25 million every year on gambling,

50 Cent

The famous rapper really loves betting on different types of sports and going to casinos as well. The singer quite frequently posts in social media his achievements about the money he has won. Yet, his gambling lust has brought him $1 million after betting on a boxing match and $500,000 after betting on an NFC Championship Game.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is one more celebrity that loves betting large amounts of money. He was also the face of USA’s biggest sports betting syndicate. It turns out that the actor places bets on their behalf on college football, which brings them more than $750,000.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is one of the most successful athletes of all time who is also known for spending long hours in casinos. What is more, the swimmer has lost great amounts of money on poker and was even arrested after he has been playing for 8 hours in a casino and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Sean Connery

Last but not least comes Sean Connery. In 1963, he visited an Italian casino where he decided to play roulette.

He placed his bet on 17 and lost. Then, he tried one more time and lost again. Nevertheless, Connery did not give up, bet on 17 again and it came in against odds of 50, 000 to 1. Connery won around 17 million lire, which is over £160, 000.

Today, the number 17 is considered to be a lucky one. If you ask croupiers about the number people most often bet on, they will undoubtedly say 17.

It turns out that a large number of famous people are passionate gamblers as well. They are ready to bet and to lose huge amounts of money in one night or even within only a few hours. Nevertheless, some celebrities have managed to become seasoned gamblers, thus bringing themselves some quite big casino winnings.


  1. Pamela Anderson
    It turns out that Pamela Anderson is a passionate gambler too. Nevertheless, the biggest amount she has lost is $250,000 on poker in one night. Surprisingly or not, the famous actress spent the money in one of the numerous casinos in Vegas.