Six of the twelve schools in Torrevieja have refused implement the Valencian Government demand to introduce lessons in the Valencian language in their classrooms, according to the opposition councillor Rosario Martinez.

The councillor has said that the voting on this issue has been carried out by all the school boards, none of which were attended by either the mayor, José Manuel Dolón, or the councillor of Education, José Hurt.

They sent a municipal adviser who voted on behalf of the City Council, in favour of the system by the Ministry to introduce compulsory lessons.

Sccording to the PP this was done without the consensus of the Plenary or the educational community. For these reasons, the Partido Popular will now present a motion to reject the stance taken by Dolón y Hurtado.

The councillor has criticised the local government for not promoting any debate within the educational community or carrying out any field in Torrevieja prior to the decisions made in Valencia.

Martinez said that the Popular Party is going to present a motion to the Plenary Assembly so that “both José Manuel Dolón and José Hurtado be reprimanded for their attitude and bad management , for delegating, authorising, deciding, fixing the City Council’s position and for voting in favour of the imposition of the Valencian language without previously consulting with the Municipal Corporation or with the Municipal School Council, in a matter in which they are fully aware that the majority of the Plenary does not agree”.


March in Torrevieja “against the imposition” of Valencian in schools.