Another own goal by the Orihuela Council

Exercise is important for good health at any age, and seniors are no exception so when the residents of Aguamarina and Cabo Roig saw the local play area being prepared to take a Calisthenics Park many were very excited.

The holes were dug and subsequently filled with concrete so it seemed pretty likely that not too far down the line the equipment would arrive, after which the park would undoubtedly be filled with seniors who had discovered a new found enthusiasm for keeping fit.

We were all looking forward to the imminent arrival of equipment that we hoped would be revitalise our lifestyles and our fitness regime, equipment suitable for the age group that makes up the vast majority of the residents living in the area. 

Huddled in their small groups the residents spoke of a ski walker, lateral pull down, leg press trainers, chest press and perhaps even an outdoor bike or two, collectively aparatos de gimnasia biosaludable, so imagine their disappointment when the council unveiled a piece of equipment that is nowhere near to their needs.

Supplied by Ludomaquina of Murcia what we now have is a synergy system, a climbing frame, ropes and monkey bars, gymnastic rings, equipment that targets strength building and muscular endurance to a recommended maximum age of 50 years. So not a lot of use for the majority of people who are resident on the coast, and yet another example of an own goal for the municipal council!

Ten days after its installation it is being used, however, but as a climbing frame by young children, so it is serving some useful purpose I suppose, unfortunately though, not that for which it was intended.

The councillor for the coast, Luisa Boné, seemed very proud when she posed in front of the equipment last week stating that “Soon we will install more of this kind of equipment on the seafront promenades in other urbanisations”.  I would suggest that before you do, you carry out a little more research and provide the people with equipment that they want, which at a cost of 6,600 euros is most certainly not the case in Aguamarina.