The mayor of Torrevieja, who is also the councillor for Personnel and Police, made reference during a press conference on Monday to an article published in the Spanish press, which suggested that there are a number of contract workers retained by the council who are not are not fulfilling the roles in which they are employed.

He said that the report was aimed, for the most part, at employees operating in the areas of road cleaning and waste collection.

Dolón said that “in all large companies there are many workers who are not satisfactory and it is up the companies themselves to identify and deal with them.” He added that the council will nevertheless be keeping a close eye on their activities.

In the same report it was also stated that some members of the Local Police could also be showing some “apathy, “particularly when it comes to reporting irregularities with regard to municipal ordinances.  The mayor acknowledged that there are very few complaints recorded by local police for such infractions which he found rather surprising.

He said that one of the main responsibilities of the local police is to enforce these local laws so as to safeguard the local environment. He reminded the agents that they work for the Torrevieja council and not the FBI or Scotland Yard.