At the request of the competitors after the racing on November 5th, the SAMM Race Committee added an extra day to the scheduled program on Sunday November 12th to make the most of the continuing fine weather we are all enjoying at the moment. As it was Armistice Sunday, at the briefing, a one minute silence was observed.

The organisers were rewarded when 9 boats came to the start line for the morning race at 11.30. As the wind was off shore a figure of eight course was set with upwind leg between marks two and three for safety.

All boats started well but soon became strung out as many of the faster boats gradually pulled away from the others. It almost became a procession with the order of the Topaz followed in turn by Shoestrings Tres and Dos then the Laser Radial and Shoestring Uno continued to the finish.

The afternoon race was more exciting. Just before the start The Topaz capsized twice due to gear problems but managed to start in the middle of the pack. There was controversy over a call for “Water” at the first mark which resulted in an official protest.

The Laser 1 had to retire during lap 2 due to gear failure and was towed to the shore by the support boat. The Topaz again capsized during lap 2 when a sudden 90 degree wind shift from NW to SW caught out many boats. The mornings procession was almost repeated but in the order Shoestring Tres, Dos, Topaz, Uno, Laser Radial although the Radial managed to overhaul Uno during lap 3.

The protest was heard after racing had finished when it was determined that the boat calling for water had not achieved the desired overlap required under the rules so his protest was unfounded.

After handicaps were applied the winning order for both races was. 1st Topaz Duo, Julian Singleton. 2nd Shoestring Tres, Tug Wilson. 3rd Shoestring Dos, John Down. The Shoestring boats are both Laser 2000’s.