The Minister of Development, Íñigo de la Serna, said on Tuesday that Aena made a bid to manage Corvera airport because it is a “profitable” asset with “significant” growth expectations.

He added that “it seems common sense” to transfer civil flights from San Javier.

According to the minister, Aena has carried out a “very rigorous” financial analysis and has confirmed that the opportunity to manage Corvera is “very attractive from an economic point of view”. It requires an investment which is “practically zero, not even reaching half a million euros”

He said that possible further investments that Aena might decide to undertake to expand the infrastructure will be made from their own resources, without having to resort to public contributions.

De la Serna indicated that the offer includes the necessary costs of moving civil operations from the San Javier airport, an option that, he said, “seems common sense.” “It does not make any sense to have two airports separated by only 23 kilometers,” he said. The chances of growth are “much greater” in Corvera.