French air traffic control and pending Spanish airport stikes cause havoc for European travellers


Today, Airstrikes continue to plague the Spanish Airlines as talks and negotiations take place between the Spanish Secretaries for the Airline Giant Aena, and its workers. Aena employees are striking due to what they say are low wages and are trying to get them increased. Francisco Casado general secretary of CCOO in Aena said there has been some progress but it is not enough and negotiations will continue.

Similarly, major French Air traffic control strikes have caused major problems for Airlines and many passengers have been grounded by the constant strikes. Ryanair has been forced to cancel around 110 flights causing misery and distress for some 20.000 passengers. Easyjet have also said their flights to French airports may be affected. Ryanairs Marketing director Kenny Jacobs has said enough is enough and that if the French government wishes to change they need to start by tackling air traffic control unions.