Planning meeting for the Moors and Christians security

While the Orihuela Costa makes do with one or two policemen to provide the security for its 30,000 residents (see front page story 10 July), the council has announced that it will supplement the security services of the city for the Moors and Christians festival by a total of 15 agents from the GESC of the Local Police, the National Police and 20 volunteers from Civil Protection.

During the eight day period of the festival the councillor for citizen security, Mariola Rocamora, says that she needs the extra security because of the large influx of visitors that she expects to arrive in the city. No mention of the situation on the coast however, and the large influx of tourists, holiday makers and illegal traders that are currently being experienced at the start of the summer break.

She also said that all music will have to be discontinued in the city by 0630 during the week of the festival, whist at the same time sending out police around the Orihuela Costa to pull the plug on some bars and restaurants before 11pm in many cases.

The Councillor said that, as in every other year “we have the collaboration of the Local Police, National Police, Autonomous Police, Civil Guard, Fire Brigade, Red Cross and Civil Protection.”

There will also be three defibrillators available to guarantee a quick response in case of emergency.

The Councillor for Emergencies, Victor Valverde said that at the end of the parades and as long as there are people who are still wandering the streets, “we will have an ambulance available together with a vehicle carrying fire extinguishing equipment”.  In total the emergency preventive team will consist of about twenty people.