The election or the ratification of Presidents to 141 Partido Popular municipal groups will take place during the coming week, starting on Monday 3 July and continuing until Friday 7th.

In all but eight of the municipalities staging an election, there is only a single candidate. However, in Alicante, Elche, Orihuela, Callosa de Segura, Altea, Dolores, Albatera and Villena formal polls will take place with votes being cast by each paid up party member.

Each of the municipalities where there is only one candidate will have its president and his board of directors ratified on the day of the local assembly.

The assemblies will begin on July 3 in the Vega Baja and conclude on July 7 in the region of l’Alacantí. The groups that have nominated more than one candidate are Orihuela and Callosa de Segura (day 3), Altea (day 4), Elche, Dolores and Albatera (day 5), Villena (day 6) and Alicante (day 7)

In Alicante, the candidates that will dispute the local presidency will be Antonio Peral and Francisco Maestre; In Elche, Mercedes Alonso, Pablo Ruz and Enriqueta Sellers, in Orihuela, Dámaso Aparicio, Andrés Ballester and Víctor Valverde; In Callosa de Segura, Francisco José Rodríguez and Manuel Illán, and in Altea, José Miguel Cortés and Pedro Barber.In Dolores, Manuel Ramón Simón and Víctor Manuel Gomiz; In Albatera, Vicente Serna and Ana Iluminada Serna, and in Villena, Francisco Abellán and Ana Mas.

The assemblies will be held in the respective local offices from 17.30 to 21.30 hours.

Antonio Peral, pictured, is one of two individuals who will preside over the counting of the votes.