Orihuela Costa robberies

Two men were arrested in Torrevieja on Friday and charged with burglaries in at least five Orihuela Costa properties.

The crimes were committed after the pair carried out surveillance at a number of properties. According to the Guardia Civil, on seeing the inhabitants leave their houses the perpetrators would then carry out the robberies, although as they gradually became more ambitions they actually carried out one raid overnight, while the occupants were still asleep in the house.

It was only on waking in the morning that the homeowners realised that they had been robbed.

The offenders first came to the notice of the police after they had been spotted on several CCTV clips. The agents recognised the image of one the robbers who they said was “well-known by the to them due to his previous criminal record”.

One recording showed how the robber waited for the inhabitants of the house to leave prior to forcing one of the windows, then entering the property and stealing anything that he could find of value.

Later, the pair went to ATMs to try to withdraw money from stolen credit cards, managing to extract approximately 3,000 euros.

In carrying out the arrest, the Guardia surprised one of the detainees, an Algerian, who was driving without insurance in a car owned by his colleague, a man of Spanish nationality, so that in addition to the robberies, he was also charged with driving without insurance.

Inside the car the police found tools that had been used to carry out the crimes as well as several stolen objects from the robberies.

The detainees, a Spaniard aged 47 and an Algerian of 49, are currently in detention awaiting a court appearance