The municipal group Cambiemos Orihuela has denounced the Orihuela government team (PP and C’s) saying that they have no control over construction works that “are devouring our coast at an electrifying pace.” They add that many of the developments currently going up along the Orihuela Costa are being built before the relevant building licenses have been granted.

In a communiqué issued on Tuesday Cambiemos councillors stated that they could confirm that a number of promotions, where there are over 50 properties, and which are in an advanced state of construction, had only received their licences during the months of April and May, “which shows, without any doubts whatsoever, that construction of the new buildings were well underway long before the promoters were granted the license.”

They pointed out that “this is a situation that is repeated on the coast time and time again” which they attribute to the “collapse” in the area of ​​Urbanism and the “saturation” suffered by many department officials.

The result is that the licenses are not being processed on time with most of those granted in May first being requested by the builders almost a year earlier. Neither does there seem to be any logic or order to the way by which applications are granted, with many applications submitted only recently being dealt with long before others that have been in the system for some months.

They say that urbanism is in complete disarray, a reflection of the disastrous urban policy that is being carried out by the Orihuela Government.

In presenting the statement to the press the spokesperson said that “without the ability to process and to grant building licenses in a timely manner it is impossible to have even the slightest idea about the pace of growth on the coast. “We simply do not know how many properties are being built at the moment – regardless of whether or not they have their license – and therefore we cannot know the magnitude of the consequences that the new wave of construction will have for the inhabitants of Orihuela Costa, who already suffer from massive deficiencies in their services and their infrastructure.”

Cambiemos concluded the press conference by demanding that the Orihuela council “take effective measures to solve the collapse that is presently being experienced by the Department of ​​Urbanism” that they regain control over the works that are currently in hand and that have the correct building license and, above all, that they begin to contain “the advance of the sea of ​​cement that our coastline has become under the PP administration”.