As the summer approaches, and as visitors and tourists arrive in increasing numbers, the traffic on our local roads will soon begin to congest, with traffic slowing down, journeys taking much longer, and tailbacks, once again, becoming a regular feature, particularly on the N332. Cars will inevitably back up against each other.

When approaching a tailback, certainly here in Spain, most sensible drivers quickly flick on their 4-way indicators in an effort to warn those behind, and usually the only inconvenience is a slightly longer journey.  

As the warm weather contributes to a rise in traffic we are also likely to see a corresponding increase in traffic accidents, the worst of which happen in beautiful sunny weather, when the roads are dry.

They are usually caused by distracted drivers who, instead of paying more attention to the roads and to the vehicles in front, let their minds wander as they enjoy the sunny conditions.

Such was the case in front of the Orihuela Costa Ayuntamiento last Monday when a motorcycle crashed into the back of a stationery car. Fortunately he survived, but his injuries will see him confined to his bed for some time to come.

Make sure that as the season gets underway you don’t suffer a similar fate, parti9cularly as you are increasingly likely to come across stationary vehicles during many of your future journeys.

Bearing in mind that the tragic consequences of fatal accidents cannot be undone, the Police appeal to all road users to behave tolerantly, cautiously and responsibly – for their own safety and the safety of others!