The Councillor for Emergencies, Víctor Valverde, held a press conference last week at which he launched a campaign designed to attract volunteers for Civil Protection. He said that he wanted to “promote local interest among citizens who might consider becoming part of  this important organisation that supports the security and emergency services by their attendance at  approximately one hundred local events throughout the year.”

The campaign got underway last Saturday at the Glorieta Gabriel Miró, where officers manned a stand, from which they distributed information as well as demonstrating some of the equipment they carry, extinguishers for fighting fires, bilge pumps for use in floods, a field hospital and climbing equipment which they use, especially during the summer months, for bringing injured climbers down from surrounding hills and mountains.

Emergency Coordinator Pepe Andúgar said that the next course gets underway in September, before which “we will provide information through a number of presentations in Orihuela schools, since, to be a volunteer it is only necessary to be over 16 years old, although if you are a minor, you must also have parental authorization.”

The councillor also spoke of “the great work carried out by all our volunteers during the last floods of December, where once again they demonstrated their professionalism in a situation of great risk”.

“Become a volunteer, Orihuela Needs you, “said Valverde. “It is a great organisation to belong to and one that will undoubtedly help you develop and mature as a person.”