The Rescue centre now has 13 geese following the birth last of 9 goslings last month. Mona had to take 2 home as 1 wasn’t accepted by the parents and 1  couldn’t eat very well, but after 10 days love and care they were both returned to their parents, who are now taking good care.

After a message from another centre, 3 lovely dogs came to the Finca, Lines, India and Savana. They had to leave their previous home because there were too many dogs, the alternative being their destruction. The 3 dogs arrived on the 24th of March.

India was adopted by Kirsten and Wolfgang the very next day, Renate and her husband fell in love with Savana, providing her with a forever home after 10 days at the Finca leaving just poor Lines who remained on his own without his 2 girlfriends…….but great news, Lines has now found his forever home in Hamburg, Germany, and is leaving the Finca in 2 weeks’ time. All volunteers wish all three of you GOOD LUCK!

The volunteers would also like to wish Tracey Hawkins, who fostered Nelly, Nala, Dina and Snow, a speedy recovery after a nasty fall.

After the Open Day last month the vet had to come down to the Finca where our horse Centella was very ill. It didn’t look good at all, but after  a couple of days of special care she was back to her normal self again, well done Centella!

The next Open Day will be this coming Saturday 29 April from 1-6pm. There will be food, drinks, cakes, music and a raffle, with all the money going toward providing food for the animals as well as hay, water, vet bills, blacksmith, repairs and rent.

The new water pump took all the funding that the centre had in reserve, so if you can help , please do.

If you like to join the volunteers for a pleasant and relaxing afternoon with the animals please do come along on Saturday. You can bring carrots, apples, tomatoes, lettuce, dog and catfood or a make a small donation, as every euro counts! You can also become a food sponsor from 5.00/ 10.00 euros a month. You can use the bank account Banco Popular IBAN ES80 0075 1055 4806 0035 0496

The Finca San Miguel de Salinas is supported by Happy Animales, Orihuela, founder Mona Nowak. There are currently 8 horses, 4 ponies, 13 geese, chickens, 3 dogs, 6 goats, 4 pigs and about 6 feral cats.

For more information about how to become a member go to their Facebook page fincasanmigueldesalinas or call Mona 616792355 or e-mail Sol