Torrevieja u3A Military history group recently arranged a visit to the Archivo Historico Provincial de Alicante (Provincial Historical Archive of Alicante)

The visit was organised by the group leader Felipe Lopez and the group members plus family and friends got together to visit and view the current exhibit on display about the Spanish Civil War and its effect on the city of Alicante.  The history of Alicante during the Civil War is extensive and not well known.

Alicante was the last town to fall to Franco’s Nationalist Army and the war ended shortly after its fall. A significant aspect of the exhibit is that it is related to the Republican side of the conflict, something that it is not always available.

All members were really impressed and touched by the presentation and display, and the guide’s narrative, who also willingly shared memories of her own family’s struggle with this still sensitive topic for many Spaniards.

They also had the opportunity to visit a section of the Archivo where the preservation and conservation process of old documents takes place and learned how books are treated and safeguarded for future generations. They also were allowed to visit the extensive archive where the books are catalogued and referenced for easy finding and access.

The exhibit is open to the public until the end of June 2017. 

Just one of the many interesting visits and topics shared by the Military history group – further information can be obtained via