A 16 year old boy died on Monday afternoon after he was hit by a lorry while skateboarding along the N332 in Santa Pola.

According to the Guardia Civil the accident happened just beyond La Marina outside the Rocas Blancas Hotel when the boy either attempted to follow his two friends across the road or he lost control of his skateboard.

It appears that he simply fell in front of the lorry with the driver unable to avoid the impact. This now brings the total to one death and six serious injuries on this stretch of road in the last two years.

The accident was attended by a Basic Life Support unit with a doctor, as well as a Red Cross ambulance. On arriving at the scene the doctor could only confirm the death of the youth.

Despite there being a number of witnessed the Guardia say that they are not able to accurately relate the events as the different sources are unable to determine if the accident occurred when the boy was trying to cross the road, or if he lost control of one of the skates fell into the lorry although all agreed that the traffic, which was brought to a standstill for very nearly 3 hours, was very busy at the time.