The spokesman of the government team, Francisco Saez, reported Tuesday the agreements reached in the Governing among which highlighted the payment of 146 bills totaling 328,920 euros.

Also in town planning green light was given to a license reform of housing and two construction detached house, ten more building permits single – family housing single – family complexes and two real estate complex in Orihuela Costa.

As for Heritage, the beginning of the procurement procedure for leasing approved plot aimed at the sports area of Molins, for 16,200 euros a year, so that in the next budget 2017 ( will include a provision for the corresponding investment to provide these sports facilities).

Other important issues addressed by the Board of Local government was the adoption of the second application and justification of the agreement signed collaboration between the City Council and the Board of Mayor Guilds, Brotherhoods and Easter stewardships, for 54,265 euros. Thus, “is paid the full amount of the subsidy before the end of the year , ” said the spokesman of the government team.

On the other hand, he also has two sentences for the appointment of the director of the Library María Moliner which gives reason to City Hall, while it rejected the claim of a policeman who did not exceed the traineeship.

Also, Saez also advanced that the accession of Orihuela Network of Cities and Creative Territories of Spain was approved, “between the which are the major cities and we will make a way of lines grant of a European character, so it is a great opportunity for our town “.

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