Security measures currently being discussed by the European Commission may mean that British travelers will have to shell out for visas if they want to visit Continental Europe.

As a result of horrendous terrorist attacks which shocked Paris and all of Europe just over a year ago, the European Commission is considering increased calls to improve security measures which may result in those wishing to enter the Schengen zone forced to apply for a visa in advance of their arrival.

The system would be similar to the ESTA system which is already used for visitors entering the United States of America and would be likely to cost Britons between £10 and £15. The authorities will be able to identify possible troublemakers, terrorists or migrants before they travel.

European commission Sir Julian King said: “We think this will be a valuable addition to the jigsaw as it will allow us to know more about people in advance and raise questions about security. … [It] is just one of a group of new security measures to be proposed which will also focus on internet security.”