Alicante based author Peter Robson has recently released his latest book While You Are Waiting Stories which is now available to order from bookshops or direct from the publisher.

While You Are Waiting Stories by Peter Robson is an entertaining and amusing collection of short stories to fill a pleasant hour or two. Described in compelling and flowing narrative, you will learn about the unintentional success of an unlikely artist and the series of coincidences and, occasionally, unfortunate events which befall him. This is a story from the author’s imagination.

However drawn from the author’s own experiences at school and in the engineering industry, readers are gently led on a nostalgic journey through times past and offered an insight into life before considerations of ‘health and safety’.

Hear about schooldays as they used to be: what really happened on the annual choirboys’ outing to the seaside, an engineering voyage to foreign harbours, a business trip by private aeroplane which nearly ended disastrously and a work excursion during the golden era of British industry. A thoroughly enjoyable read for those moments while you are waiting.

Copies of While You Are Waiting Stories can be purchased direct from the publisher by visiting the website at or by calling 01223 370012.

Title: While You Are Waiting Stories, Author: Peter Robson. ISBN: 9781784651763 Price: £5.99