The provincial government of Alicante has allocated 100,000 euro for the reforestation of woodland in the municipalities of the Guardamar del Segura and Redován as well as measures to ensure the containment of the Tomicus piniperda (common pine shoot beetle) that breeds so rapidly in recently dead and dying trees. The grant will be added to the 66,000 euro already allocated by the two local councils.

Deputy Protection and Land Management Councillor, Javier Sendra, said that “the provincial government is making a big commitment toward the restoration and reforestation of local forests because we want an environmentally sustainable province”.

He added that he was all too aware of problems of the bark beetle that appears every year during the summer months in forest areas suffering with drought. “The work will include the removal of dry and dead trees, containment of the advance of the beetle by crushing infested live trees and the installation of traps and baits

Sendra said that the tasks will be carried out in the mountains surrounding Redován and in the area of Castell de Guardamar del Segura.