Electrical component provider Osram was issued a recall notice for two vehicle battery starters, namely of the Batterystart 260 and Batterystart 360 models, two car battery starters in which a technical failure has been detected.

Due to a construction defect, a short circuit may occur in the product and overheating with the risk of a possible fire. If you have either of these two chargers, you can return it to Osram for a refund. The alert has come through the European RAPEX network.

Why has the recall notice been issued by Osram?

According to the manufacturer’s information, they have detected a technical failure due to which the product can short-circuit, causing overheating.

The manufacturer informs on its website that it has decided to withdraw the product from the market until a complete investigation is carried out and has planned a return procedure for consumers who have purchased any of these chargers.

What are the affected Osram battery starter models?

The affected products are two OSRAM brand lithium battery starters:

  • Osram Batterystart 260 (OBSL260)
  • Osram Batterystart 360 (OBSL360)

What can you do if you have a recalled product?

Check that the model you have is exactly one of these two and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get a refund or a similar replacement product. Click the product below to go directly to the Osram product recall page for the affected product.

The manufacturer warns that, although the incidence of failure is low and the risk is therefore limited, it will provide users with a heat-resistant bag for transporting the charger. After filling out the form to obtain the refund and receiving the transport bag, you can take the product to the store where you purchased it or dispose of it at a clean point if you purchased it online.

If you have not purchased this product, but were planning to get a charger of this type, do not buy these models even if you find them in an online store despite the fact that the manufacturer has decided to withdraw them.