What I am going to firstly write about this week may upset some elderly people – but I make no apology. If they read it and inwardly digest it, it may save their lives.

I am going to describe some of the antics of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists in Orihuela Costa, which should be renamed Costa Geriatrica.

I have no doubt that if you can safely drive in this area, you can drive safely anywhere in the world. Why do I say that? It’s because I could easily end up with a pedestrian or cyclist as a mascot on my car bonnet every time I go out.

The number of times I see mostly elderly, but sometimes youngsters on their mobile phones, walking along the pavement and then step onto a pedestrian crossing without warning or looking, leaving it to the motorist to stop. They have forgotten that motorists need thinking time and braking time.

And pedestrians, I know why it is tempting to walk in the road – because some pavements are in a terrible state, not maintained and repaired for years, but it’s dangerous. And the council should hang its head in shame for the terrible state of our pavements, roads and the area we live in.

But, for goodness sake pedestrians, put your brains in gear before you go out. You don’t want to be killed or injured.

Next I turn to cyclists. Why have you to cycle on roads when cycle lanes have been provided for you? And why have you to cycle the wrong way down a road? Are you British and forgotten you should be on the right side of the road? And why, when you see a pedestrian crossing in front of you, you suddenly use it to cross the road without checking behind you first? Have you a death wish?

And lastly, I turn to motorists. So much has been said about drivers not indicating when turning right or on roundabouts. It’s stupid and totally selfish not to, and clogs up roundabouts because drivers haven’t a clue where another driver is going.

And lastly here’s a message for councils and the Spanish government. How about banning parking on the approach to pedestrian crossings, on the approach to junctions, and off-setting crossings, so they are a distance from roundabouts and stopping jay-waking by putting up permanent barriers at the approach to roundabouts and junctions?



What did you think about the UK Budget? As a pensioner I thought it sucked, yet again. Why? It’s done nothing for us because reductions in tax are once again centered around National Insurance rather than income tax.

Now I know that our old age pensions are ring fenced and we will all get a pension increase. But how many of us pensioners are only relying on the State pension to live on? Very few, because life would be extremely frugal if you are. If you have a private pension or other income, then any increase in the State Pension will automatically be off-set by paying more tax because the tax threshold has not been raised. Good old Tories, giving with one hand and taking from the other – rather than raising the highest rate of tax on the super rich and rising the money most urgently needed to improve much neglected government and council services.

Let me remind MPs why National Insurance was introduced. It was in 1911 after a lengthy national debate on the Poor Laws, fought tooth and nail by selfish Tories, and was set up to work out the best way to alleviate the economic and societal hardship faced by the poor.

It was later used to support the NHS and should have been ring-fenced. Had it been we would have the best health service and social care in the world. But it was raided by you know who, and look what we have now.



And finally, to give you more examples of Britain going down the plughole, here’s a few. I was totally choked – but then nothing surprises me these days – to hear that an 11-year-old boy had been stopped driving a stolen BMW towing a stolen caravan along a motorway. My immediate thought was what on earth is going wrong with modern-day parenting? Britain desperately needs far tougher punishments.

Secondly, I read that the practice of garages charging women more for car servicing than men is still alive and kicking. Why can’t councils have men and women visit garages and ask for quotes and MOTs and those who charge women more should be so heavily fined it puts them out of business. It would soon sort the problem out. Again, punish the b*****ds.

Finally, I read that coroners in England and Wales sent 109 warnings to health bodies and the government in 2023 highlighting long NHS waits, staff shortages or a lack of NHS resources, that have contributed or caused someone’s death.

The number of cases identified that were linked to NHS pressures was the highest in the past six years, and prevention of future death reports are sent when a coroner thinks action is needed to protect lives.

The government says it “responds to, and learns from, every report”. Oh yes – give me strength – if that was the case, why haven’t things improved in the 14 years they have been in power?