This week, the PSOE municipal socialist group in Torrevieja were distracted from the usual political battles to improve the lives of the many and drawn into a campaign to focus on the history of one, a victim of the Civil War, who had been located in a common grave.

A visitor to the common grave site in Navarra cemetery had noticed the name of a Torrevieja native listed as identified having been executed during the Civil War.

According to the information given to the political group, the victim was Manuel González Amorós, 30 years old, single, a miner, and son of Antonio González and Candida Amorós.

Manuel González Amorós was tried by a court in Orense for anarchy. He entered the Fort San Cristóbal on 24/06/1936 and was finally executed together with 20 other companions on 01/11/1936.

They were buried together in Berriozar Cemetery and were all exhumed in March 2022. His name is inscribed in the Memory Park of Sartaguda (Navarra) and on the plaque that the Txinparta Association of Ansoáin placed in 2009 in the cemetery of Berriozar.

Through the location of the body and subsequent contact with the political group who have some influence in the town, it is hoped that any remaining family members can be identified who would like to take care of his remains.

Of course, the matter is a very sensitive subject for many different reasons, seemingly becoming harder in modern times, and the representatives of the PSOE know it’s going to be a very difficult subject to resolve but are none the less appealing as far and wide as they can for information to hopefully reunite one victim of that brutal period with his family.