Pentas lanceolata – commonly known as the Egyptian Star cluster, or simply Pentas – is a fast grower that remains in bloom for a very long time, considered an extremely low maintenance plant.

They are best known for their attractive star shaped blooms, in colours of vibrant pink and violet, but can also bloom in creamy white, burgundy, or yellow shades.

They prefer to be planted in full sun, but will cope well with partial shade in fertile soil with adequate drainage.

They are a moisture loving plant that thrives in a humid climate and require regular watering to flourish and retain their beautiful bloom.

However, they will do fine in dry conditions for a time, but they will not show their best in prolonged drought.

They will appreciate a balanced flower fertiliser routine, once monthly.

For the showiest flowers, opt for a fertiliser that is high in phosphorus or for lots of new leaves, choose a high nitrogen fertiliser instead.

Can be grown as annuals or perennials, as a container plant or mass planted for a living hedge.

If using as a hedge, bear in mind that the flowers form on new growth, so any heavy trimming and pruning will interfere with blooming.

Pinching back young growths can encourage a bushier appearance and simply remove any deadheads to promote new blooms.

They can be propagated in multiple different ways, but the easiest method is to start them from seed.

Gardeners keen on attracting butterflies and bees will love Pentas, because their shallow flowers allow them easy access.

Not toxic to people, dogs, or cats, making them a very safe choice for your garden, or as a houseplant.