Under the concept “Memory”, throughout the month of September, Lorca will be offering events for all audiences in venues such as the Synagogue, the Jewish Quarter, the Archaeological Museum, the Medieval Museum and the Castle Stables, as well as typical Sephardic gastronomy, historical recreations, guided, dramatised and streaming tours.

The Councilor for Culture, Santiago Parra, made the announcement of the 24th edition of the “European Days of Jewish Culture at the Archaeological Museum last week.

An annual event that is arranged by the Lorca department of tourism, where the historical, environmental, artistic and cultural heritage of Lorca is revealed. It is a legacy of the Jewish communities that inhabited it long ago.

The municipality, which has been part of the Red de Juderías de España network since 2019, celebrates the event in conjunction with the European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage, and with the aim of highlighting the diversity, richness and historical importance of Judaism.

Like each edition, this year presents a common theme for all countries, and in 2023 the event is dedicated to the concept of “Memory”; the key, collective and individual, that has maintained and promoted the history of Jewish culture throughout the centuries.

The program covers the entire month of September with a complete and very diverse range of events, appointments and representations, which will take place in incomparable settings in the municipality: the Synagogue, the Jewish Quarter, the Archaeological Museum, the Medieval Museum, the Castle Stables These will be some of the key venues for this exceptional event. Also added is gastronomy with a Sephardic flavor, presentations of literary works, historical recreations, guided, dramatised and streaming tours .

All the details about the activities and the schedules can be found at lorcatallerdeltiempo.es, lorcaturismo.es, and in the Agenda of redjuderias.org .

To enjoy them to the fullest, the organization insists that it is essential for visitors to make a prior reservation.