The Ministry of Health has carried out a thorough redesign of its website that optimizes the visual appearance, the organisation of it’s content, ease of use and accessibility.

The redesign gives more prominence to images, with more air around the graphic material (larger white frames) to enhance visual appeal and facilitate mobility between the different pages. There is also a better use of colours and larger font sizes which it is hoped will achieve the same objectives.

The design is with both the general public and medical staff in mind, enabling far more procedures for the staff and quick, easy and speedy navigation for the public.

It now has a vastly improved search engine so that the contents generated as a result of a query are as close as possible to the Internet user’s needs and, in this way, will improve the experience of users.

Navigation is also simplified thanks to the new distribution of content, with a new side menu, as well as buttons and banners located in the centre of the web portal, containing links to the most consulted sections.

Another of the changes undertaken refers to accessibility. This improvement is met with the firm commitment of the Health Authority to make all the information available to everyone, without exclusion or access difficulties. In this way, it is guaranteed that the website is accessible to anyone, regardless of their abilities or conditions, while respecting the Generalitat’s corporate graphic style (colors, header and layout of the pages).

The size of the fonts used in the portal of the Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health is adaptable, and the visitor can change it according to their needs, by turning the mouse wheel while pressing the Control key.

The general director of Planning, Technological Efficiency and Patient Care, Llanos Cuenca, said that this initiative is also part of the ‘Close Health’ strategic line, which has among its objectives “the guarantee of equity in health care, full accessibility, communication, and guidance in health education, promotion and prevention, and complements the projects in this regard, together with the recent version of the GVA+Salut App”.

The total cost of the development service, technical support and continuous management of the applications and web portals by the Ministry of Health amounts to 1,344,267.05 euros for the period from 2022 and 2025.

The Health web portal had 5,035,203 users last year, with 39,721,381 page views registered.