For many people who have relocated to another place, whether permanently or temporarily, that little taste of home is often something we crave for. But many Valencians living broad will still be able to have that little home comfort this Christmas, thanks to an initiative set up in 2018.

What they will be able to receive is a hamper of pomegranates, as the Elche-based cooperative in charge of the quality assured product has already prepared some 250 boxes of the fruit, which will be sent to Valencians living away from home, all across the European Union.

It is up to the friends and relatives to nominate the lucky recipients, with the application period closing on 11 December, for those lucky participants to be sent their prize.

The 5 kilos of pomegranates, accompanied by a postcard with the name of the person who nominated them, will then be dispatched to arrive before Christmas. The idea, according to the organisers, is to ​​surprise the recipients and making these endearing festivities more bearable without the company of their friends and loved ones.

According to the president of the group, Francisco Oliva, this campaign is very special because it allows people to spread hope and happiness through the pomegranates of Elche.

This initiative is part of the El Nadal és valencià campaign of the Generalitat.