Followers of the British sitcom, Benidorm, met the series creator, Derren Litten, along with stars from the show, cast and crew, at the at 3 day “BeniCon” convention held on the city’s Melia Hotel at the weekend.

Although the successful “Sitcom” stopped broadcasting in 2018, it still arouses passions among the British public with millions of people following the weekly series. It also attracted countless celebrities who did not want to miss the opportunity to appear in its plots, such as international film star Joan Collins and Nigel Havers.

No surprise then, that for three days, from last Friday to Sunday, over 1200 fans of the series met in the Rincón de Loix, where they mingled with members of the cast and crew, all taking part in a special activities program that was created for the occasion.

So “BeniCon” was not only an occasion for celebration but also one of nostalgia with many rooms in the hotel displaying props, costumes and souvenirs related to the series.

The gathering allowed members of the public  to take part in question and answer sessions with the creatives and the team that worked on the program; meet the cast; enter contests; win prizes for the best costumes; as well as go on trips to places like the old town of Benidorm and Les Fonts de l’Algar that appeared in the program.

Those from the series that attended the convention included Jake Canuso, one of the most popular, along with the Garvey family, Mick (played by Steve Pemberton), Janice (Siobhan Finneran), Madge (Sheila Reid), Michael (Oliver Stokes) and Chantelle (Hannah Hobley). Sherrie Hewson, who played Solana’s manager; Joyce Temple-Savage was also at the seminar along with Asa Elliott; and Crissy Rock, who played Janey Yorke, Solana’s first manager.

Some members of the public were able to stay at the “Sol Pelicanus” hotel, which is the famous Solana hotel in the series. There was also karaoke at Neptune’s and, to finish it off, a Gala Show hosted by the creator, Derren Litten. Everything to “live the dream of Solana”.