Play the Moon Princess from Play’n GO to win real cash prizes. It is available at some of the top online casinos right now where you can bet using cryptocurrencies for a more valuable payout. There are also plenty of bonuses featured in this game where you can get free bets or additional spins for more chances of winning.

Moon Princess is one of the most innovative slot games you can play right now. It comes with unique features no other online casino games can provide, offering you an overall exciting experience that only Play’n GO can give. If you are interested in checking it out, then you should learn its basics first. Here’s what you need to learn about Moon Princess before you begin playing:

Basic features of Moon Princess

Moon Princess comes with five reels and five rows with symbols dropping in random order from the top. You get a winning match if three similar symbols appear next to each other horizontally or vertically. Once they do, they pay you their rate based on the pay table then form a wild symbol (a moon) in the middle.

Wild symbols can substitute for any symbol in a winning match and two of these can appear in the same set together. Winning symbols will disappear and the ones above them will fall to fill the vacant spots. This can cause a chain reaction for every set of three or more symbols appearing together. The round ends when there is no more winning set or if all of the symbols disappear.

Special features in Moon Princess

Other than the possible chain, you can look forward to more special features aiding you in your adventure to win as much money as possible. Here are the special elements in Moon Princess designed to make the game more fun for players:

Chain win multiplier up to 20x

The aforementioned chain of wins has another fun gimmick indicated in the chart at the upper left corner of the screen. This will list all of the winning combinations you’ve made thus far multiplied by the current value in the circle above. Every win increases this value which is applied to the next winning symbol you hit. The highest multiplier is 20x.

Girl Power and combos

Moon Princess features three heroines helping you with the powers of Love, Star, and Storm. Love transforms a random set of symbols into another, giving you more chances to hit a combo. Star creates two wild symbols anywhere on the grid. Storm destroys two random sets of symbols to free up space on the grid, counting as wins with payout and multiplier increase. There is a chance to trigger all three powers at once called ‘Princess Trinity’ to clear the grid faster.

Free spins mode after clearing up the grid

The best feature of Moon Princess comes at the end of clearing the grid. Once you successfully do so, you will be given three options off the aforementioned heroines of Love, Star, and Storm.

Love gives you the fewest number of free spins but you can win more additional spins during the feature. Storm is the opposite because it gives you more starting spins but less additional ones. Star is the middle ground of the two and choosing between these three depends on whether you think the starting spins or the additional ones are more important.

Additional spins trigger whenever you fully charge the meter indicated at the bottom left. This is done by hitting winning symbols during the feature. The Princess Trinity combo won’t be available during this feature but each of the Girl Power can still help you individually. If this sounds exciting to you, then play Moon Princess now.

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