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On friday, 19th August, there was a meeting at the Orihuela Costa Town hall which quickly descended into chaos as residents, who had legitimate questions, were rudely spoken to.

When you look up the definition of meeting, ”an assembly of people for a particular purpose, especially for formal discussion:”

This was nothing like a meeting; we were not allowed to ask questions to the missing Councillor Angel Noguera and Fermin Gonzalez who was hiding in another room. Also it was made clear that only 1 question was allowed to be submitted, any more than 1 would be binned.

In the end it was down to Stefan Pokkroppa and Ray Kearney to try and conduct this ‘NONE’ meeting.

The few residents that remained, as so many walked out in disgust, had to queue up and leave their name etc and their question in writing which it was said would be passed to the appropriate Councillor.

This is another slap in the face for the residents of Orihuela Costa who had honest questions about the state of coastal services as well as the announcement of another large development at the top of the Saturday Market, Nicolas de Bussi, opposite the school.

If you were there at this so called “meeting”, tell us what you thought about the way it was conducted and what your question was, if you had one?

The citizens of Orihuela Costa have the right to speak to their representatives in the Town Hall if they have a complaint or need advice. When PIOChave their own Councillors we will hold daily clinics for the residents to come and have a coffee and a friendly discussion about their issue and how we can help.

Pilar de Horadada, San Miguel, Los Montesinos, Bigastro ,all hold regular clinics where citizens can speak to their representatives about their concerns. Why is this not happening in Orihuela Costa?

So, the question is:-

The so called Advisors/mini Mayor’s of Orihuela Costa, who represent the citizens of Orihuela Costa, all of whom who are paid a generous salary from the taxes we pay; why don’t they hold regular clinics where residents can talk about their concerns?

We all know why not!

They know the majority of the citizens are not happy about the state of the coast, the lack of resources and infrastructure etc.,

Why,? They know they are not in a position to offer the coastal citizens any hope of improvements all the while the coast is so far from the city of Orihuela and the councillors who make up its governing body.

The coast is where the majority of their revenue is generated, but it is spent on the city, not on the coast.

They know the coastal citizens are ready for change, they are not happy with the cry for segregation from the city.

They know they will lose their jobs, their salaries, yet they insist on treating the citizens of Orihuela Costa as second class, with lack of respect to the point of rudeness and utter contempt.

Why should the residents of Orihuela Costa continue to be abused in this manner? They can change the future of Orihuela Costa by voting at next year’s elections on May 28th, for better services, infrastructure and resources. Together they can be stronger if they all pull together as one multicultural Community, in fact vote for Independence.