• Stockholm based Emil Filmby, talks to Andrew Atkinson in Part 2 of an interview, filming his cycling tour on a BMX from Sweden to Barcelona, amid his film on Torrevieja set to be released this summer not coming to fruition.

AFTER a very pleasant but windy cycle in Sweden, I stopped at a beautiful meadow to reflect a little.

I realise that it is too late to turn around, and that I now simply have to complete the project that I have long planned and worked for.

Physically and mentally it is tough, but at the same time incredibly cool and exciting.

Copenhagen really showed itself from its best side, when I passed.  A wonderful summer town, and cycling town I have visited far too rarely throughout the year, despite the fact it is actually so close.

I took the opportunity to film some material in Nyhavn, which I hope will be good for the film.


It’s never too late to leave your everyday routine for a while and fully do something for your own sake.  The freedom of being on the roads, or in this case at sea, is such a wonderful feeling.

Here I am on a ferry, between Denmark and Germany and very much looking forward to continuing my journey down through Europe.

Over the years I have cycled in many of the world’s countries, but have never actually cycled in Germany.  A nice break in nice surroundings, with, among other things, the impressive bridge.

There are many new places and impressions every day, so sometimes it’s nice to just sit down and take in all the beauty that this trip has to offer.

Amsterdam: Europe’s number one cycling city.

Amsterdam is undoubtedly Europe’s number one cycling city, and was an obvious choice when I planned the trip’s route.  For many here, the bicycle is an important part of life, which can be seen everywhere on the streets.  Here I stand in front of one of the city’s many well-known channels and feel grateful that I get to experience the capital and the Netherlands in the same way as the locals do.

Adventure and travel are usually something absolutely fantastic – but there are times when you just want to give up.

For me it happened in Belgium, with a body that can’t take it anymore, with temperatures hitting 35-40 degrees.

Fluid deficiency and cycling problems are not a good combination.

Giving up is not an option, so it’s just a case of biting the bullet in Brussels and keep going.

Eiffel Tower

Being in France and in front of the Eiffel Tower is an incomparable feeling – a really big milestone.

The capital of France, Paris, is not only the biggest city I’ll visit on this trip, but the busiest.

A cool city to see and visit – but I appreciate more and more the tranquillity I experience between the larger cities I pass through.

Caption: Eiffel Tower: Incomparable feeling and big milestone.