The Anti- Corruption Prosecutor ‘s Office has asked the Civil Guard to go to the Ministry of the Interior, led by the socialist Nadia Calviño, to gather together all documentation relating to a 963,000 euros contract that was made to the company Páginas Amarillas Soluciones Digitales SA, of which the Minister’s husband is a major director.

The contract was awarded in the midst of the pandemic and without any public tender being carried out.

Agents arrived at the ministry headquarters on Thursday morning in their capacity as Judicial Police, where they entered the offices directed by Calviño by order of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. The Public Ministry intends to investigate how this public aid was awarded, following a complaint filed by the Madrid regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso .

In addition, the Civil Guard is also investigation similar transactions in the Ministry of Ecological Transition led by Teresa Ribera as well as a number of other public institutions.

Made the award to the company is the Official Credit Institute (ICO), an organization that works on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The leadership of the ICO is shared by José Carlos García de Quevedo and Jaime Iglesias Quintana, both of whom were appointed by the Minister Calviño.