Do you know who thinks that seniors can’t travel alone? Cowards! It’s not 1943 anymore. Traveling is safe nowadays. Also, it’s way less pricey than it used to be. That gives everyone a chance to visit their favorite places. And traveling alone is a rising trend among all generations.

Many single seniors enjoy the best periods of their lives on the go. Australia is among the most popular destinations for single seniors from Europe. It’s not surprising because there’s a lot to experience in the land down under.

Go on a Casual Date With a Local

Some younger people think that seniors lose every desire to date. OH MY GOD, HOW WRONG THEY ARE! We know that millions of single seniors spend their days traveling around and dating local people.

Visiting Australia without going on at least one date with a local woman puts a shadow on the whole trip. That’s why most single seniors read the reviews of the best casual granny meet sites for the Australian market. It’s always better to be prepared.

Maybe even get in touch with Australian ladies because that could lead to having a local guide for the whole trip. Just be honest and don’t give false hope to anyone. If it’s a vacation adventure, that’s it. Everybody should be on board with that.

Bronze, Swim, and Surf at Bondi Beach

Everybody who visits Australia goes to Sydney. Everyone who gets to Sydney goes to see Bondi Beach. It’s one of the most famous beaches in the world. Maybe in 2nd place after Copacabana.

This 1 km of sand in the shape of the young moon mesmerizes everyone who sees it. There are many different activities to do on Bondi Beach. If you’re a laid-back guy who values relaxation above everything else, bringing a sunbed and roasting in the sunshine is perfect for you. Your body will love a vitamin D boost, and your tan will make everybody at home jealous. Those who don’t like sunbeds can lay directly on the sand, but it’s hot, so be careful.

Being careful on Bondi Beach is mandatory in the sea too. Remember, that’s Australia. Everything wants to kill you. Even the sea itself. That’s why Bondi Beach has different hazard ratings for different areas. Be careful while swimming and don’t move too far away from other people. However, if you plan to try surfing, do it with a professional at your side. The experience is worth it; the feeling is great, but staying safe is the priority.

See Kangaroos in the Wild at Kangaroo Island

The most famous animal from Australia is the kangaroo. Every tourist wants to see kangaroos. If they have a chance to see them in the wild, even better. And everybody has that chance because Kangaroo island is easy to reach by ferry (45 minutes) or airplane (30 minutes).

Many seniors go for a day trip to Kangaroo island because they want to see other parts of Australia. Yet those who decide to book accommodation there never feel sorry. There are numerous activities on the island. Watching kangaroos and hanging out with koalas are the most popular but far from the most exciting.

Ride a Luxurious Cross-continent Train Route

There aren’t many things more romantic than riding in a slow, luxurious train. If that train goes across the whole continent, the feeling is even better. Luxurious rides on Indian Pacific (connecting Sydney on the east and Perth on the west) and The Ghan (between Darwin on the north with Adelaide on the south) are great for everyone, not just couples.

Don’t expect to cross the continent in an hour because those aren’t high-speed trains. Their purpose isn’t to get passengers from point A to point B. The purpose of luxury trains on The Ghan and Indian Pacific is to let you experience Australia from a different perspective. Without thinking about driving or anything.

Their goal is to relax their passengers. Everyone should be able to soak in nature that slowly moves in front of their eyes like a great movie. There aren’t many activities for single seniors visiting Australia better than taking a cross-continent train ride. But there’s one…

Observe Canberra From the Hot Air Balloon

Now when airports are reopening, European seniors will start flying to big Australian cities. Still, the flight to Australia doesn’t have to be the only flight you experience. Hop in a hot air balloon in Canberra and let the balloon lift you above Australia’s capital.

Going on such a tour alone is worth it because nothing gives a better view than a hot air balloon. Yet, going on that tour with a local lady is much better because it’s impossible to get a more romantic date idea than that.