The Santa Pola council has approved the start of the file to tender the municipality’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (PMUS).

This plan is carried out as a tool to define and solve the mobility problems town. There, the strategies and measures to make a more modern and sustainable municipality will be reflected.

A traffic study of the town will be carried out to analyse the circulation, see where the bike lanes, pedestrian zones can go and if the directions are correct.

The mayor of Santa Pola, Loreto Serrano, states that the objective of this Mobility Plan is “to try to see if we can solve the problems that we have in certain areas of the municipality and in which the neighbours are asking us for solutions. Based on this study we will be able to make the decisions that are presented to us. With this we will have a study that supports the decisions that are going to be made.”

Loreto Serrano points out that in 2015, when they were governing, they requested subsidy, “we left everything budgeted with the money that was needed, and the previous corporation did not do it in the four years that they were there.”

The current government team declares that they have wanted to carry out the project since the beginning of the legislature, but have had problems in preparing the bidding documents. In January of this year they have managed to start preparing it and now that they have incorporated the remnants of this year they have approved starting the tender file for the Mobility Plan.