Plumbing problems can be very stressful. Water overflowing from the kitchen pipes not only gives an unpleasant look but also a foul smell. We all know how difficult it is to get hold of a reliable plumber. To ease yourself from plumbing issues and preventing pipe leakage, you should invest in a sink stopper.

A sink stopper prevents your pipes from clogging and solids passing into the pipes. A sink stopper is a must-have accessory for your kitchen and washroom sinks.

If you want to understand how Essential Values sink stopper works and why you should consider buying it, keep reading the article.

How Essential Values Sink Stopper Works?

Essential Values sink stopper is made with a quality plastic. When you place the sink stopper over the drain hole and slightly press it, it will create a vacuum seal. This vacuum seal has a very strong suction and will hold the stopper in place even when the sink is filled with water.

Using this vacuum seal, you can easily cover your drain. You do not have to worry about unwanted things passing into drainage pipes and even in garbage disposal.

Benefits Of Using Sink Stopper

There are plenty of benefits you get from using sink stoppers in your kitchen and washroom sinks. You can even use this stopper for the garbage disposal. Some of the benefits are listed below.

1.     Prevents Unwanted Things Falling Into Pipes

A sink stopper can save you a lot of ‘uh-oh’ moments. How many times do we lose our rings while washing the dishes? Small objects may also fall into the drain, making it difficult for you to retreat the object.

Many times when we are doing the dishes, some food remains intact on the plate. This solid food may enter the drain pipes, causing a clog. When you have a stopper in the sink, you can prevent any solid falling into the drain.

2.     Holds Water In Sink

The main purpose of the sink stopper is to hold water in the sink. You can get many benefits from a filled-up sink.

  • You can soak your vegetables and fruits to remove the dirt and harmful chemicals attached to the peel.
  • You can dip the cookware that has tough stains on them. Soaking them in water can help remove the stains easily.
  • You can save a lot of water.
  • You can take steam directly from the sink by filling it up with hot water.

If you use it in the bathtub, the stopper will help you effectively hold water for a long time.

3.     Prevents Clogs

When washing the dishes, some of the solid food attached to the plates may fall into the pipes. Many times we force small scraps and pieces of bread to pass into the drain. We think they will go on their way in the drain pipe. These solids accumulate in the pipes and create a buildup. This buildup may start choking and hindering waterflow. This clog can create a plumbing nightmare.

Since no food material, solid waste and tiny objects are falling into the drain pipes when you use a sink stopper,  there is very less chance that your pipes will clog.

4.     Universal Adjustment

Lastly, the Essential Values sink stopper has universal adjustment. It means that you do not need to have a specific type of sink model to make this stopper work. This feature is particularly useful because  most of the stoppers available in the market won’t sit perfectly on many sink types.

However, Essential Values sink stopper will work perfectly on different sinks, and even on garbage disposals.