The Valencia region Ministry of Health will invest 326 million euro to launch the new post-pandemic Primary Care model over the next two years and ensure that this level of care “is no longer considered only the gateway to the health system, but rather is its central axis.

This was stated by the Minister, Ana Barceló, in the presentation of the Strategic Framework for Primary and Community Care 2022-2023, which has three main lines of action: more resources, a new care model and a new organisational model.

Specifically, the plan is divided into five strategic lines, 23 objectives and one hundred specific actions that will now be submitted to scientific, trade union and professional societies so that they can make their contributions in order to close the plan and present it to the Ministry of Health before 31 March.

The planned 326 million are broken down into 130.7 million for human resources and 188 for technology and infrastructure and the objective is that in four years Primary Care receives 25% of the health budget.

Thus, Primary Care will be provided with an “unprecedented” increase in resources: 1,609 new structural positions that will be created in April and that will allow ratios to be lowered below what is recommended to improve patient care time.

For its part, of the 188 million for technology and infrastructure, more than 76 million will be new health centres, eight for improvements to the information system, and to these must be added the funds that the Ministry of Health will distribute once all the communities have presented their plan of action.