Specsavers Ópticas has donated 7,730.47€ to the ONCE Foundation for Guide Dogs (FOPG), which will be used to continue the work being done by this charity to allow these animals to be the eyes of the blind.

The optical group has been fundraising for FOPG since March 2020, with all nine Specsavers Ópticas stores in Spain contributing to the total. This well exceeds the target of 5,000€ set at the beginning of the campaign and will support the important work of the FOPG and the services it provides.

Jorge Martínez de Lizarduy Araico, of Specsavers Ópticas, says: ‘We are passionate about protecting vision and offering the best care for customers with visual deficiencies, so our collaboration with FOPG has been the perfect way to give back and ensure those people with vision loss in Spain get the help and resources they need.

I am delighted to return to the FOPG breeding and training centre in Madrid to present the charity with this donation. Vision loss can be incredibly isolating, leading to feelings of loneliness and depression.

However, thanks to the foundation and the work they do, many people can gain a new sense of independence. Receiving a guide dog really changes lives and so we’re very pleased to have been able to contribute to this important cause. Thank you to all our customers and store directors for their contributions.’

The Managing Director of FOPG, Maria Jesús Varela, commented ‘Specsavers Ópticas’ active involvement in our work, throughout this fundraising campaign and donation, is a sign of appreciation for what we do and a show of support for people with severe visual impairment in this country.

It is so wonderful that they have done their bit to raise funds and allow us to contribute even more to improving mobility and independence for the blind. Collaborations like these are even more important at present, as our Foundation is in a phase of ambitious growth, with a plan to expand our facilities and train more professionals to allow us to significantly increase the number of guide dogs we are able to deliver each year.’

About Specsavers Ópticas

Specsavers Ópticas is an optical group with stores on the Costa Blanca (Calpe, Jávea, Torrevieja, Benidorm, Guardamar del Segura and La Zenia), on the Costa del Sol (Fuengirola and Marbella) and in Mallorca (Santa Ponça). It is committed to helping those with eye health problems to improve their quality of life. To support this goal, they hold regular charitable campaigns such as this and offer complete visual health assessments as part of their eye tests, free of charge.

They believe an eye test should also be a health check, as it can help the optometrists to identify changes in the eye which can be associated with certain treatable eye conditions. Where necessary the optometrist will refer their customers to the correct medical professional to carry out further tests and diagnose conditions before it affects their sight.

Find out more about Specsavers Ópticas www.specsavers.es

About FOPG

Fundación ONCE del Perro Guía (FOPG) is a welfare foundation created by ONCE in 1990 with the purpose of breeding and training guide dogs for people with severe blindness or visual impairment. It provides its services to people with visual disabilities throughout Spain, offering a guide dog as a free social service for eligible candidates who are affiliated with ONCE.

The FOPG is a permanent member of the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF), the European Guide Dog Federation (EGDF) and the European Breeding Network, a working group specialised in breeding and genetic improvement of guide dogs in Europe and the USA.

The foundation breeds its own dogs and takes responsibility for the entire process of training the guide dog and pairing it with the most suitable applicant. They also train the new owner how to make best use of this mobility aid and supports both the owner and the dog throughout its life as a guide dog.

The work of this foundation is essential to increase the autonomy of blind people or those with a serious visual disability. Changing from walking with a cane to doing it with a guide dog represents a huge improvement in their mobility, speed and security of their movements and allows them to integrate with society in a much more meaningful way.

Find out more about FOPG www.perrosguias.once.es



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