Hub Hyenas  v  Milos

At 4-0 to the good, Hyenas looked well on the way to a comfortable victory over visitors Milos. A complete collapse followed, Milos taking the next 5 and deservedly too. Raul Rocomora made a win possible with a D5 out in the 11th after Paul Durrant had levelled the match on D2. Fortunately for the hosts they had Dylan Fitzsimmons to salvage the tie, 100,140,D16 ensured the draw against a spirited performance from Fabian Alcocer.

With the 1st four legs in the bag via Alex Nikolov, D20, Eric Manders D7, ” Fitz “,D16 and Alan Havelock D7, Milos pounced on the hosts casualness, reeling off 5 in succession from Alcocer D12, Rocomora 100 and a 63 out, Alcocer 121,D8 in the opening singles, Darren Boyle 140,100,85,D4 and Cathal Hough D10. Roco 100, D5 made it 6 for Milos and a point, Fitzsimmons earning his sides MOTM in the closing leg. Alcocer and Rocomora sharing MOTM, for Milos.

Pint Depot Queens  v  Wee Rock Horrors

The Costa Blanca Royal family, also have their problems as the girls couldn’t find their scoring or finishing boots in the first 3 legs, thet went the way of Horrors, Joe Cuyt, 100,D5, Tony Spiers,100,D10 and Jackie Forrest D18, a rejuvenated Graham Solomans contributing a ton. Lorraine Cox reduced the deficit on D2, Andy Forrest D6 and Billy Dolling 100, D20 increasing the Rocks lead to 1-5. Marie Cummins a fine 121.

Mike Tierney outed on D12 to earn at least a point, and then came a mini Queens revival, Vi Turner D18, Cox 98, D2, making it 3-6, the visiting Rockers clearly shocked and now on the back foot. The tremors proved minor as Forrest, D2, Solomans D4 and Dolling 100, D20 added a further 3 legs for victory despite Cummins, Debbie Wright, and Jade Hockton finding numerous big trebles, MOTM – Hockton – Dolling.

Ale House Lads  v  El Capitan

Tons from Vycka Bobinas and Ed Klimonis not enough as Dario Sierra 100, D18, opened the Lads account. Olly Walker reversed the trend taking the next 2 with a 140 thrown in. A good response from both Eugene Lane, 81, 100 and Sierra 100,100,85. Graham White made his presence felt with 100,100,D18, to level, Bobinas replying with 134,121. Arold Klimonis 121 and Andres Liamazares D9 extending Caps lead to 2-4.Lads, Thomas Harrison 85,132.

” Liama ” 100, D9, overcome a lively lan Phillips 121,  Sierra figuring 2nd for the Lads just edging out Arold K 123, on D16 plus a 140. lt was to be the   last Lads leg as an El Caps strong final four reeled off the remainder Marcos Lopez D17, Walker 3×80+, D20, Ed K. 80,85,121,D16 and finally Bobinas eventually nailing D1 after some impressive scoring 100,85,100.  MOTM – Sierra – Walker.

Tipsy Toad Toppers  v  C.C.’s Flyers

C.C.’s move into the top 5 on leg difference, since occupying 6th spot from November 4th , following this real cracker of a match. O.W.S. director and league sponsor Matt Smith showed the way in the 1st triple with 100,121,100, D16 ( not sure what the other 2 were doing ).Paddy Winterbourne made it all square on D1, Andy Gildea contributing 3×100.

Lee Maiden 100,81,D16 and Winterbourne again on D16 ( plus 2×100 ) made it 3-1 in favour of the Toppers. Jesus Madrid D3 narrowing the lead aided by a Charles Pritchett ton. Maiden closing the 1st half on D1, partner Gildea 100.

Andy Flavell outed on 54 in two after a fine 138 set up, John McKay 101, D6 overcoming the free scoring Gildea 85,140. The score now 4-4 , Smith continued his excellent evening on D5 and 104,140 for 4-5. Maiden evened the legs with a 69 out, following 81,81,140,100, with just 2 to play. Stalwart Phil de Lacy D12 edged Toppers ahead once again, Pritchett, not for the 1st time saving the day for the Flyers on D15 for the draw. MOTM – Gildea – Smith.

Domino’s V Tiaras 

Anticipating a ‘close run thing’, Tiaras brought six stalwarts to the fray to test out the skills of young bucks, Ben Kernahan and Akash Patel.  It was, however, Captain Christine Oates who took the first one for the team, ‘going out lads- but maybe some time’ to bag the first triples on D1.

Akash did the same for the next game, but the ladies slowly warmed up and found the better scores leading to their first leg courtesy of captain de Lacy (10-D1) in the 3rd triples. Veteran Ray Hayes (85, D2) pulled one back in the Pairs but then Lesley Eagles (98, D8-D8) and de Lacy (16-D8) evened things up for 3 apiece at the half-way stage. Young Ben, testing out his new darts, scooped a 2nd 180 in two weeks but couldn’t get the finish against Pat Schofield (D8) as teammate Ash giggled from the side-lines.

Ben reciprocated as Ash floundered and flailed in the 2nd singles, but eventually managed to check-out on D2 to his great relief for 4 -4.  Tiaras de Lacy (D4), Wendy Hayward (D2) and Eagles (D5) took the ladies to the all-important 7 legs with MOTM Paul Chick (92, 94, D8) getting the last point from MOTM Lisa Ivill (95, 114, 85).  A great match where everyone got down to a finish and are looking forward to a re-match in the spring.

Boris Bears  v  Ale House Totties

The Totties soon to be in situ at Angels bar Los Dolses, managed just two legs against an “on song” Bears side preparing themselves for a victorious division 2 campaign soon to be undertaken. Wins from Steph Broadfoot 110,and Winnie McKay, plus heavy scoring from Sharon Williams were Totties only highlights.

Several nominees for the Bears MOTM, namely Ron Chadwick gaining 3 winning legs, D10, D20, D2 and 2X100,  Barry Shingler 95,133 and 2 outs 55 and 88 ( T16,D20 ), Yvonne Rouffignac the match winner on D8 and 95,95,99, but it was Amanda Skinner taking the plaudits with 3×100+ 2×80+ and a singles victory, Broadfoot Totties MOTM.

Danny’s Bar  v  Hub Hellraisers

This crushing defeat of the Raisers ensures Dannys division 1 status when the league splits into 2 in February. Notable Raiser scores came via Carol Peace, Lesley Dolling and skipper Cheryl McGlynn earning MOTM status. Sue Spiers Raisers lone victor. Bob Smith playing just 2 legs, courtesy of his own squad rotation still managed to merit MOTM with 2 game shots and 100,119,121,140, no mean feat.

He was supported however by other good efforts from Alan Walker, 2 outs, plus 121,123, 3×80+ and John Giggs D10, 81,140,140 and Steve Lumb, D7, 2×80+, 100,134,125. Top shot of the game went to Steve Hodgett on 160.

Mind the Gap  v  Freakie Taverners

A reasonable all round scoring performance from the Tavern, adequate against a number of other league teams was totally inadequate against league leaders Gap. A handful of 80+’s, 140 and D20 earned Mitch Halliday MOTM for the visitors, Brian Livesy, Ernie Willis, John Bowden and Sharon Frain putting in a decent shift, just wasn’t a match against unbeaten Gap. Top game shot came via Calos Escansiano 96, T20,D18, Daren Sanderson close behind with 20,20, D18 ( 76 ). Gordon Cowan came away with the MOTM for two game shots and some powerful scoring.