Officers from the National Police have arrested of two men of Spanish nationality and both of 35 years of age, as alleged perpetrators of a drug trafficking crime, when they discovered three trays with a total of 168 cuttings of marijuana plants during a routine check.

The officers were carrying out a preventive control when, after stopping a vehicle occupied by two people, they noticed a strong smell of marijuana. Once the vehicle was stopped in accordance with the instructions of the police, and given the strong smell of marijuana coming from inside, the officers proceeded to identify the occupants and search the car, in the boot of which they found the 168 cuttings of marijuana plants distributed in three trays.

During the search, the police were able to verify that one of the men was carrying almost 500 euro in fractional currency and a bag with a substance, apparently hashish, for which, in addition to seizing the money, the corresponding complaint was filed for possession of a narcotic substance.

Both subjects have criminal records and were made available to the courts.