Local Police in Elche, with the assistance of the Guardia Civil, arrested a man in the Atzavares area on suspicion of stealing dogs from various rural locations.

The police were alerted by a member of the public who reported seeing an unknown person walking with two dogs, allegedly belonging to a friend of his. The suspect was questioned by the police and stated that the animals belonged to an acquaintance.

The police officers proceeded to carry out the pertinent verifications, and by pure coincidence met with one of the owners who was at that time filing a complaint with the Guardia Civil in Santa Pola reporting the theft of one of the dogs, as well as two more.

Another victim stated that his dog had been stolen from his completely fenced farm, for which he was also preparing to report it.

Once at the Guardia Civil station, the suspect admitted that he took the two dogs. He was subsequently arrested for robbery with force.

After the appropriate investigations by the Local Police and the Guardia Civil, the next day the agents went to the home of the alleged thief, finding the two dogs. Once the identity of the animals had been verified by means of a microchip, their rightful owner appeared at the Santa Pola barracks, where they were reunited.