Justice in the UK was trodden down and kicked into the long grass when the narrative of a gangster film, was played out in real time, after the Jury in a case, which was cut and dried, after the defendants admitted their guilt. Nevertheless, the court found them not guilty. If I had written such a storyline in a novel it would have been seen as rubbish.

It was a case that had plenty of media coverage with videos showing  four vandals, with the support of others, damaging a tribute to the benefactor of Bristol, Mr Edward Colston, toppling his statue off its plinth, and then dragging it along the ground before dumping it into the harbour. There cannot be many people in June 2020 who did not see the pictures published widely across the media at the time.

The first question that should be asked is why the trial was heard in Bristol, where, in my view, there is a hotbed of people who would agree with the destruction of property, whether it be a statue or any other item representing authority. It was not too long ago when part of Bristol was a no-go area for the Police who would not dare to go into the St Pauls area, just East of the City. I dared to do so at one time driving through, as it was a shortcut to my destination, and I was surrounded with my door panels being kicked in.

It is difficult to understand why eleven members of the Jury came to their decision, as the law of criminal damage is very clear in its wording and the opposite should have been the result.

Why did honest men and true come to their conclusion? There is the question of the judge allowing the defence council to call a historian who was well known for his hate of British History, to turn the case into a lecture of the wrongs of the past and the hate of slavery. Some say that put Colston on trial, not the vandals.

But is it more than that? Were the jurors threatened by outside sources or perhaps just frightened of not finding the right result, because of the mass of local people with the same thoughts as those on trial, and could they have been personally attacked for providing the wrong answer.

The Police in Bristol are not very effective, they could not stop their own Police station being attacked recently, watching as the front was badly damaged, while a police vehicle with officers inside was set on fire by the attacking force.

We have seen over recent years the order of the ‘woke’ progressing to establish a grip the British way of life, slowly throttling law and order and reversing the very basis of honesty and logic.

Why did it happen? The answer is simple really, as the woke order is nothing more than the collapse of discipline in the youth of the country. Now they are the people in charge of events where they see the rights of the individual as more important than the rule of law that is supposed to lay out and provide guidance to our way of living.

I was a school Governor in the eighties, and I was surprised when I wandered into the empty staff rest room, to find that the walls had posters of Ban the Bomb – it was the current protest campaign at the time. I got admonished for doing so as they said I was spying on them.

That did not make sense as I thought we were on the same side. I was assured the posters were not used in any of the teaching, but my thoughts couldn’t discount the fact that if that was the opinion of the profession then surely it would be passed on.

The woke order has a solid background dating back decades, when the rights of the individual became more important than the rights of the whole, where discipline and being true to your work ethic, is secondary.

The following are true events I wrote about during the last year.

Two police officers, he and a she, were having sex in the police car they were using for patrolling, at four o’clock in the morning, instead of answering an emergency call they were getting naked. My guess is the heater was properly on!

Where, a woman touching a man’s bottom in a night club which is full of sexual innuendos, her action became an arrestable offence and the police seemed more interested in investigating that than violent crime. The woman was awarded one hundred hours of community service.

Where, sitting on a motorway blocking traffic is more important to their rights, than the rights of thousands going about their lawful business finding themselves stuck in traffic as a result, with the Police do nothing, apart from asking the sitters  if they are comfortable and can they get them anything.

Have we reached the last chapter of the proud nation of the British people, when wrong is right, where scruffy people, (my words, no doubt their view is different) can change the course of the law with juror’s following their beliefs and judges stooping to the change of attitude – unless, that is, if you are a woman who touches a teenagers bottom in a nightclub!

As a reminder to the people spouting hate over the slave trade, it was Britain in 1807 which took the initiative passing laws to ban the trade, ordering the Royal Navy to police the seas in search of those dealing in it.

H.J. Wilson’s biography of Colston, written in 1920 states the following “we cannot picture him justly except against his historical background. Colston’s involvement in the slave trade predated the abolition movement in Britain, and was during the time when “slavery was generally condoned in England—indeed, throughout Europe—by churchmen, intellectuals and the educated classes”.

Sadly, it is possible to change the result of history but not the events themselves. Take care.

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