The CCOO union, which represents cleaners at Orihuela’s Hospital de la Vega Baja, has called for an indefinite strike of cleaners commencing on 10 January.

The union alleges “actions in matters of hiring and staff adjustment that the service contractor, Ferrovial Servicios SA, intends to deepen” as the cause for the industrial action, with the complaint stating “reducing staff, which went from the 85 people in 2012 to the 64 that there are today” as the main reason.

The union maintains that this has caused workers to protest in recent years because the reduction in staff “leads to a greater workload and complaints about poorly rendered services that ultimately affect the cleaning staff.” Until now, complaints have been filed with the Labour Inspectorate and rallies have been organised at the door of the centre as a protest, but the contracting companies have been without any solution.


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