Since the introduction of the Covid Passport across Valencia, the hospitality sector in the province of Alicante reports that they are already starting to see some cancellations with more complications for the normally lucrative Christmas period, especially from those previously planning to sit indoors.

The Alicante Restaurant Association (ARA) states that until now most people had no qualms about booking for the interiors of the premises, so they previously predicted 20% more business compared to 2019; and 60% more than last year since the previous Christmas there were capacity and schedule limitations. Until now, they point out, finding a table for certain dates was complicated. “Gastronomic bonuses are helping us all, people for now go out, consume, go to bars and restaurants, they give oxygen to bars and restaurants,” according to the president of ARA, César Anca.

The president of the Alicante Province Hospitality Business Federation (Fehpa), Mar Valera, affirms that reservations for Christmas arrived well in advance, filling up on key days and weekends. “Some large companies have decided to cancel business lunches, but families and friends keep getting together.”

There are establishments that are already considering hiring a person, especially for the dates of greatest influx, who will be dedicated to reviewing ID and the Covid Passport but there will be small businesses that cannot afford to expand staff.

José María San-Matías, general secretary of the Elche Hospitality Association, explains that they are preparing an awareness campaign for Christmas. “We are safe places, that comply with all the regulations. Although 100% capacity is allowed, most establishments do not have it, they have removed tables and chairs, there is distance, gel on the door. We are going to reinforce the security measures for this month”.


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