The province of Alicante recorded unprecedented figures in terms of employment in November, as the number of unemployed people fell by 9,817, which represents the largest drop in unemployment since records began.

Social Security contributors rose in this same month to 684,156, thus breaking the previous absolute record of July 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic broke out. The only negative data is that, while at the national level there is already less unemployment than before the covid, in the province and the region as a whole continues to be above average.

The recovery of the labour market, with some ups and downs, has been going in parallel to the easing of the restrictions against the covid. However, never had such striking figures been reached. And it is that the province registered the largest decrease in unemployment in its history, with 9,817 fewer unemployed, leaving the total figure at 163,594. To find the previous reference data, we must go back to July 2020, when, after the end of the confinement period, the reduction was 9,294.

The decrease has been generalised in all sectors, although it is services that have acted as the main driving force, with 5,594 fewer unemployed persons, leaving the total number at 109,807. Next is industry, with a decrease of 1,271, which shows a balance of 20,317, followed by construction, with a fall of 1,096, to total 14,211. The number of unemployed in agriculture also fell by 368, leaving a total figure of 6,336, while the group of previously unemployed people fell by 525, leaving it at 12,950.

However, and despite the spectacular decline, the province is still far from recovering the pre-pandemic figures. And it is that the 163,594 unemployed that are registered now, are much more than the 148,954 that were counted in November 2019.