Mojácar Council has approved the municipal budget for the 2022 financial year, which sets out the expenses and the estimation of the income forecast for the year.

The 2022 budget amounts to 14,501,770 euros, which represents an increase of 3,109,955 euros on the previous financial year’s budget, 267% more than in 2021. The second highest in the history of the municipality.

It is a budget based on the search for efficiency and effectiveness in municipal management; it reflects the commitment to budget stability and financial sustainability. For Mojácar Council’s government team it is the result of a well-run and solvent administration.

In the expenses section, standing out is the item forecast for investments, which adds up to 4,464,164 euros, financed by resources coming from subsidies, long-term credit operations and with its own resources, and representing a 240.22% increase on the 2021 municipal budget.

There stand out the new investments in infrastructure and property for general use, such as the Mojácar coastal bypass, improvement to energy efficiency in phase II, preparation of the General Urban Development Plan, improvements to beach services like the replacement of pre-fabricated huts and provision of walkways, as well as investments in heritage assets, among others.

Mojácar Mayor, Rosa María Cano, underlined the important collaboration of the Junta de Andalucía in the investments section. Thanks to the Regional Development Ministry, the Regional Health Ministry and that for the Environment, and the new Andalucian government in general, and following three years of not receiving any assistance, Mojácar will benefit, with important actions such as the Health Centre, its construction financed, and the bus terminal.

Two important projects which will, undoubtedly, boost the municipal economy, and in the case of the bus station, may be operating next year. She also pointed to the importance of the new treatment plant, with an investment of more than 20 million euros.

In regard to the bypass, following the Mayor’s Office’s rescue of the project for its construction, which had no chance of coming to fruition with the old Andalucia administration, it has been possible to gain 50% financing for its execution and the assumption of other expenses, like the payment of new expropriations due to the modification of the route.

Expenses on goods, services and current transfers are down 6.16%, and in regard to the loans the Council has contracted, there only remains outstanding in Cajamar a debt of just over 500,000 euros.

Income which the Council is expected to receive in 2022 adds up to 6,915,382 euros, although the final figure will vary according to the final wording of the calculation of the Tax on the Increase in the Value of Urban Land tax base.

In regard to indirect taxes, a collection of 200,000 euros is calculated, and obtained from fees, public prices and other income, around one million euros: 5.24 per cent more than in the previous financial year.

An increase of 13% is also expected in the participation of State Taxes, and an increase of 140% in respect to wealth taxes, thanks to the administrative concessions for the Residence for the Elderly and seasonal services.

Calculated on the basis of requested subsidies, nearly a million and a half euros will be received, which will make up 9% of the municipal budget.


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