San Fulgencio Town Council is to change all the water meters in the municipality that are 12 or more years old. This was announced at a press conference by the mayor, José Sampere, who said that this change will be made to comply with the ministerial order that requires the replacement, within a period of no more than 5 years, of meters for residential or commercial use that are not in good condition, or which exceed the specified years of life.

“At the moment, almost 52% of the meters in San Fulgencio are in this situation, so we are obliged to replace 1,481 devices per year,” said Sampere.

While carrying out this change, the Town Council will introduce a remote reading system for the entire fleet of meters in the municipality, “which will allow them to be read remotely, providing residents with easy and quick access to their billing data, at any time and place”.

Sampere stressed the advantages of implementing the new system, which will enable the continuous collection of data, “which will help in the early detection of possible leaks and the immediate notification to residents, thus saving costs and contributing to the conservation of this precious resource”.

At present, incidents are only detected every three months, with the reader’s warning or the arrival of a very high bill. This data will in future allow bills to be issued on the basis of actual consumption, eliminating the need for estimates and the need to enter homes to take readings.

The mayor said that these improvements will mean a minimal increase in the cost of the service maintenance fee, “which according to calculations, will increase by just one euro, from the current 0.33 euros per month to 1.33 euros per month for those meters of 13 to 5 mm, around 12 euros more per year”.


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