Valencia 1st Regional Group 9 CF Sporting San Fulgencio have appointed Raquel Santacruz as dietician-nutritionist who will collaborate in advising on sports nutrition with personalised plans during the 2021-22 season.

Experienced influential player Fernando Torrent, Matias Ruiz and Raul López have renewed contracts at the club.

“Fernando is an invaluable example for all the young players on our team with his involvement and great quality, giving us a continuous performance of a high level.

“Matías Ruiz is a future and promising player in attack with good break-away and dangerous skills.

“As a good athlete, he presents a great physical condition that allows him to go back and forth on the field of play.

“Raúl López is a man of more than remarkable trajectory in defence that ensures performance, standing out for his great speed.

“Very important in the defensive facet of the team,” said a club spokesperson.

Caption: CF Sporting San Fulgencio. Photo: José Barraquel Arenas.


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